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Our Coffee Bags are perfect for whole bean, ground and gourmet coffee!

Are you looking for coffee bags? We supply an extensive range of coffee bags and coffee pouches.

Combine the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag and stand up pouch. The flat bottom design sits narrow on the shelf, saving essential space, and doesn’t tip over. In the retail market, hundreds of coffee brands are fighting for recognition. These flat bottom bags can hold a larger volume of the product as well as boost the visibility of your brand artwork with its attractive front panel.

In addition, all of our box pouch coffee bags are available with and without a zipper.

Keep Your Beans Fresh

Fresh coffee is the best coffee. At Norman Knights, we understand the importance of keeping your coffee as fresh as the day it was roasted. We have two brilliant features available for your unique packaging to keep your coffee bold and flavoursome.

The Pocket Zipper

This sleek zipper is fitted along the top of your coffee bag to allow the customer to re-seal the packaging after opening to keep their whole bean, ground or gourmet coffee crisp and fresh. It will not interfere with your branding or chosen colouring, it sits inside the packaging to preserve the coffee for a longer shelf-life.

The One-Way Degassing Valve

This minimal feature can be placed at the front or back panel of your coffee bag. After coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide as a by-product. Without the valve, CO2 would fill the bag, eventually causing it to burst. The valve feature stops this from happening. It slowly releases CO2 out through the one-way valve and does not let any other gases in. Exposure to oxygen can cause coffee grounds and beans to go stale, this valve stops oxygen from gaining entry, keeping the coffee fresh.

Why choose Norman Knights?

  • We are leading experts in the industry
  • We are reliable, affordable coffee bag suppliers
  • We have been in business for over 40 years, specialising in Coffee, Confectionary and Ethnic and Organic Food Markets
  • Our unique packaging methods allow us to create premium packaging at competitive prices
  • Completely customisable packaging
  • We can help design and create branded coffee bags
  • Shine and matte finishes are available
  • Eco-conscious material choices

Design features

  • The optional Pocket Zipper makes coffee filling and sealing simple.
  • Built-in-tear tape makes the pouch easy to open
  • Our flat bottom design sits narrow to the shelf and doesn’t tip over
  • Valved Coffee Bags are available in Kraft and Matte OPP.

Sustainable Materials

At Norman Knights, we are advocates for protecting the environment at every opportunity. That’s why we offer compostable, eco-friendly materials for your packaging provided by NatureFlex.

NatureFlex is produced with almost 90% renewable raw energy and does not compromise on quality. This sustainable material offers high barriers to moisture, oxygen and oils extending the overall shelf life of the products.

In addition, NatureFlex material retains good printability, meaning your brand colours and logo will be clear and defined. You may also choose from a gloss, matte or metallic finish leaving room for an abundance of creativity.

Find Out More about NatureFlex

Our Coffee packaging range

Bring your brand to life with customisable packaging. Add your brand, logo and colours to our coffee bags and pouches.

Kraft Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Pocket Zip & Valve

Our Eco-friendly box bottom bags are ideal for any roaster looking for flexible packaging.


Kraft Box Bottom Pouch Coffee Bag with Valve

Eco-friendly coffee pouch with valve. The block bottom design makes this packaging shelf-ready.

Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Pocket Zip & Valve - Matte OPP

Matte OPP Box-Pouch Coffee Bag with Zip and Valve

Our Matte OPP Box-Pouch coffee bags keep your coffee beans secure and fresh.

Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Valve - Matte OPP

Matte OPP Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Valve

Our Matte OPP Box Pouch Bags feature a one-way degassing valve, flat bottom design and glossy finish side gussets.

Box Pouch Coffee

Matte OPP Fresh Roasted Coffee Box-Pouch

Featuring a one-way degassing value, matte foil, flat bottom design and a range of sizes and colours.

Box Pouch Coffee Bag with Pocket Zip & Valve - Matte OPP (Gourmet Coffee)

Matte OPP Gourmet Coffee Box-Pouch

Our gourmet coffee bag range is ideal for Gourmet Coffee sellers. Featuring a smooth matte finish and rounded corners.


Experts in bags for coffee

Norman Knights have been a leading supplier for more than 40 years when it comes to coffee bags. Our in-house team can help you find the right coffee packaging solution for your requirements.

Bring your brand to life with custom packaging.

All of our packaging supplies are fully customisable. In addition, we have multiple printing options available. Our high-quality gravure printing methods means that your products are effectively set apart from competitors. Gravure printing uses an intaglio printing process that engraves your design onto copper cylinders to print directly to your packaging.

Experienced wholesale packaging suppliers

We supply to a wide variety of industries, and over the last 40 years, we are proud to have built up such a positive reputation for our quality, reliability and service. You can buy your coffee pouches direct from us, and we offer great bulk discounts, with fast UK delivery for all purchases. Smaller companies can benefit from our services as we specialise in helping those in niche markets test new products by turning around small bespoke runs.

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