Custom Cellophane Bags

Branded Cellophane Bags

Bring your brand to life with our custom cellophane bags. The perfect way to personalise your businesses packaging.

We have an extensive range of cellophane bags, ideal for any business, whether packaging high or low volumes.  Our bags are designed with a folded bottom seal and side gussets. Each bag can be customised to reflect your brands personality. Please contact one of our experts to find out how we can make your packaging dreams a reality!

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Block-Bottom Clear Pouches

Custom Cellophane Bags suitable for businesses of all sizes

We supply three different thickness of Cellophane film to make your bags

  • 365XS (25 microns)
  • 440XS (30 microns)
  • 600XS (40 microns)

See our specifications table below for our full range of standard stock sizes. We can also create custom sized cellophane bags to your specifications, subject to a minimum order.

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Cellophane Bag Specifications

Cellophane Bag Dimensions (inches/mm) Film Grade
3 x 5″
4 x 6″
100 x 150mm
3 X 3.75 X 7
75 X 95 X 178
3 X 4.5 X 5
75 X 114 X 125
3 X 4.5 X 7
75 X 114 X 178
3 X 4.5 X 8
75 X 114 X 203
3 X 5 X 9
75 X 125 X 228
3 X 5 X 10
75 X 125 X 254
3.5 X 6 X 11
89 X 152 X 280
3.5 X 6 X 13
89 X 152 X 330
4.75 X 7 X 10
120 X 178 X 254
4.75 X 7 X 12
120 X 178 X 305
6 X 8 X 12
152 X 203 X 305
6 X 8 X 14
152 X 203 X 355
6 X 8 X 16
152 X 203 X 406

Norman Knights Custom Packaging Services

Norman Knights are an established European supplier of flexible packaging that has been in the industry for over 40 years. We specialise in the Confectionery, Coffee, Ethnic and Organic Food markets, however the range of clients that we work with is extremely diverse. We have built our customer base through providing high quality products, reliability and a level of customer service that is second to none, all at extremely competitive prices.

We provide numerous products and materials in the sizes and colours that our customers need, be it plain Cellophane bags, printed Euro slot bags or even reels of poly propylene. As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn around small bespoke runs that not only enable smaller companies in niche markets to be competitive, but allow companies to effectively test new products on the market. Add to this our range of standard bags and it is easy to see why we are able to cater for all of your flexible packaging needs. See our full range of products.

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