Flexible Packaging Supplier Essex

Flexible Packaging Supplier Essex
Flexible Packaging Supplier Essex
Flexible Packaging Supplier Essex

With more than 40 years of industry experience and a team of highly trained professionals, you can trust Norman Knights to be your best choice when it comes to deciding on a flexible packaging supplier in Essex. We are an established European manufacturer and supplier of many different products which are expertly designed to protect, enhance and effectively contain your items. Our broad client base has been growing rapidly over time as a result of our excellent service and positive reputation for quality.

Cost-efficient, flexible packaging supplied throughout Essex

Whether you are a small bakery or large coffee packer, we have the perfect wholesale packaging solutions for you. We are able to produce in low volumes for small bespoke runs if required, ideal for anyone with a range that consists of tens, hundreds or even thousands of products. With our services, imagery can remain consistent across the whole line and market tests can be carried out easily.

Flexible Packaging Supplier Essex

Diverse flexible packaging options for Essex companies

There are many sizes, materials, colours and print options available here at Norman Knights, with all products competitively priced. Fast UK delivery is offered on orders when you buy direct from us and we do provide bulk discounts. Over the years we have had experience working with a wide variety of companies and industries including Organic Food, Gift Suppliers, Bakeries, Coffee Roasters (Pouches etc), Speciality Food, Florists and Packaging Merchants. You are sure to find the product that you need since we have a diverse range on offer, including:

      • Florist Reels
      • Tins
      • Stand Up Pouches
      • Sideweld Bags
      • Polypropylene Bags
      • Lollipop sticks
      • Kraft Box Pouches
      • Film Front Bags
      • Coffee Pouches
      • Cellophane Bags
      • Block Bottom Bags
      • Laminates
      • Cellophane Film
      • Printed films on reels and as sheets

Contact Norman Knights today to find out more about the services we offer as a flexible packaging supplier in Essex

Please call 01268 858 739 or contact us online and a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you.