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Norman Knights now has Natureflex bags in stock and we offer fast delivery to customers all over the UK. This material is ideal for eco-conscious companies as it was developed in response to the increasing consumer demand for more environmentally responsible packaging. As these bags are made from wood pulp and other natural – and perhaps most importantly, renewable – resources, it means they provide certified biodegradable and compostable waste management.

Why order bags made from Natureflex?

These flexible films are perfect for flexible coffee packaging and many other semi-permeable applications. Natureflex film is available uncoated, semi-permeable, metallised or as labels making it a smart choice for businesses in all industries. We offer a cost-efficient way to package your products in an environmentally friendly way and this bio-film even helps to extend shelf life. We understand that every client will have different requirements, as various items have their own unique properties. Fortunately, our team can customise orders to meet your needs, for example, the coating offers a certain level of moisture protection depending on which product is being wrapped. NatureFlex™ films, created in 2003, are static free and use novel heat seal-resins on each side; they are now also highly print receptive after years of development.


Naturally sourced, eco-friendly Natureflex packaging, manufactured by an established European supplier

Natureflex is our most environmentally friendly packaging option and can be used to create a variety of high quality products. We offer competitively priced, bespoke services and our diversity has gained us a broad client base. Known nationwide for our reliability and commitment to quality, Norman Knights specialise in the confectionery, coffee, ethnic/organic food markets, however we can cater for all of your flexible packaging needs!

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