Wholesale Block Bottom Bag Suppliers

Wholesale Block Bottom Bag Suppliers

Norman Knights are experienced wholesale block bottom bag suppliers. Our range of block bottom bags are all made from 40 micron Polypropylene and have a solid silver cardboard base which allows the bag to stand upright once it has been filled. This feature makes block bottom bags the ideal solution for packaging a variety of gifts, chocolates and bottles containing that contain liquids such as perfumes because it allows each bag to stand regardless of the content inside.

Custom block bottom bags by the experts at Norman Knights

Norman Knights are are able to supply a range of standard bags (please see tables opposite for more details). However, if you require specific measurements that are not shown, please do get in touch with us as we can custom produce them subject to a minimum order. There are various sizes available with our clients being given the choice between plain Block Bottom with or without a Silver Cardboard Base and Plain Block Bottom SOS style with or without silver card.

Wholesale Block Bottom Bag Suppliers

What are the benefits of choosing Norman Knights as your wholesale block bottom bag supplier?

We are an established European supplier with well over 40 years of industry experience and the excellent level of customer service we deliver has gained us a great reputation. Norman Knights provide a diverse service to businesses all over the UK and our reliability has gained us plenty of repeat custom. As a manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging, we have experience of working with a wide range of industries each with unique requirements. Our knowledge allows us to handle any request with ease, ensuring you get the highest quality products for the best possible price. The ability to turn around small bespoke runs makes us the number one choice for those in niche markets because we can help you effectively test your new products on the market.

To discuss your wholesale block bottom bag supplier requirements with us, please call 01268 733722 or send an email to sales@normanknights.com and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Wholesale Block Bottom Bag Suppliers

Prices: Plain Block Bottom with Silver Cardboard Base

Film Grade
3.5 X 6.25″
90 X 160MM
50 x 32mm
4 X 7″
100 X 180MM*
56 x 36mm
4 X 8.5″
100 X 220MM
56 x 36mm
4.75 X 11″
120 X 275MM
67 x 44mm
5.5 X 12″
140 X 305MM
80 x 50mm
6.5 X 12.5″
170 X 320MM
97 x 61mm
8.25 X 15″
210 X 385MM*
120 x 76mm
10 X 14.75
250 X 375MM*
140 x 95mm

Prices: Plain Block Bottom WITHOUT Silver Cardboard Base

3.75 x 6.5″
95 x 165mm
4 x 7.5″
100 x 190mm
4.5 x 8.25″
115 x 210mm
4.75 x 8.85″
120 x 225mm
5.1 x 9.45″
130 x 240mm
5.7 x 10″
145 x 255mm
6.25 x 9.8″
160 x 250mm

Prices: Plain Block Bottom SOS style, no card

60+50 x 200mm
60+50 x 250mm
80+50 x 240mm
80+50 x 280mm
90+50 x 300mm

Prices: Plain Block Bottom SOS style with silver card

60+40 x 200mm
70+50 x 250mm