Wholesale Florist Reel Suppliers

Wholesale Florist Reel Suppliers

Choose the florist reels size & printing options that suit your business

Norman Knights are one of the UK’s leading Wholesale Florist Reel Suppliers. Florist reels – as listed in our table – are standard stock however we are pleased to say that we can supply any other sizes required. As part of our bespoke service, we are also able to offer printed film on reels.

Norman Knights is a long established European supplier of flexible packaging and our florist reels are the product of choice for flower distributors around the UK. We have been in this industry for over 40 years and our team of specialists offer outstanding customer service.

Our ability to provide a bespoke, competitively priced range of services to such a wide variety of industries has gained us a broad client base of returning customers. We are known for being reliable and our attention to detail is unparalleled so you can be sure that your florist reels are manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Dimensions (Inches) Length
Per Reel
800mm Wide 31.5″ Wide 100mtrs / 109.4 yds
800mm Wide 31.5″ Wide 120mtrs / 131.2 yds
Wholesale Florist Reel Suppliers

Why buy florist reels from Norman Knights?

Buying direct from Norman Knights is simple, hassle-free and time efficient, with all orders being sent out via fast UK-wide delivery. Bulk discounts are always available and because we turn around smaller bespoke runs for our clients, this allows you to test a new product on the market more effectively and be more competitive.

Our passion is helping you with your flexible packaging requirements and we are able to cater for your needs with our incredibly diverse service no matter what your industry may be. As well as florist reels, Norman Knights has many other popular products and our best sellers include stand up pouches, block bottom bags and Kraft box pouches.

Contact Norman Knights to find out more about our florist reels and wide range of flexible packaging – 01268 733722

Wholesale Florist Reel Suppliers