Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Suppliers

Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Suppliers

At Norman Knights, we are Wholesale Standup Pouch Suppliers, and we are able to supply a range of Stand Up Pouches / Doypacks, please see table for more details.

Wholesale Standup Pouch Suppliers – Versatile Standup Pouches

The pouches we have on offer are an extremely versatile form of packaging as they can be used to hold a range of products including powders, pastes, liquids and meats. They can be manufactured from a range of base films dependant on the moisture and oxygen barriers required for the products being packed; choose between high quality opaque or clear stand up pouches, whichever meets your needs.

Whilst we specialise in the Confectionery, Coffee, Ethnic and Organic Food markets, our team has over 40 years of experience working with all kinds of industries from health food & wholefood packers & distributors to bakeries, the garment industry and greetings cards & stationery suppliers. This wealth of knowledge allows us to provide the best level of service to our clients as we understand exactly what is expected of us. Stand up pouches are one of our best selling products, along with our excellent selection of block bottom bags and Kraft box pouches. Each serves its own purpose wonderfully and has been designed to excel your expectations.

Many products in our range can be custom printed using one of two processes. The first is Flexography which is high speed and fast drying making it suitable for many materials. The second is a type of intaglio printing process called Gravure that works on Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyethylene. The uses for our bags and films are very diverse and tech allows us to supply a wide range of industries with high quality, flexible packaging that meets their requirements.

To speak to a member of our experienced team about our stand up pouches, or any other product we have available….

Please either get in touch by calling 01268 733722 or sending an email through to sales@normanknights.com.

Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Suppliers

Available colours: Silver/Clear,  All Silver, Black/Clear, All Black. We can also supply custom printed pouches in a range of structures and printed in up to 8 colours.

No. of Pouches
(per box)
100 x 167mm 3.94 x 6.57″ 1000
130 x 207mm 5.12 x 8.15″ 1000
150 x 245mm 5.91 x 9.65″ 1000
180 x 282mm 7.09 x 11.1″ 1000
Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Suppliers