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We are the UK’s leading Cake Collar Supplier. Made from Rayoart CG, our Cake Collars are the perfect addition to every cake to ensure it is transported to your customer in flawless condition. From cheesecakes and trifles to salted caramel fillings, our reliable cake collars are the #1 choice.

By choosing us, you can help your business reduce its carbon footprint. Rayoart CG is a clear, high-gloss biaxially oriented polypropylene film. It is a great alternative to PVC and acetate as it is 20% less reliant on fossil fuel resources. Its superb clarity makes this product a premium choice. Naturally, it has gained popularity with large scale bakeries and small businesses alike.

  • Over 40 Years Experience
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed
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    A Kinder Choice for the Environment

    • UV stabilised to prevent damage from direct sunlight & enable outdoor use.
    • It is extremely easy to apply or remove at both high and low temperatures.
    • Balanced biaxial orientation for excellent die-cutting
    • Exceptionally versatile
    • Actively working against global warming
    • No PVC used
    • Uses 50% less water during production
    • Beautifully clear & glossy
    • No shrinkage
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Cost-effective performance

    Product Data

    Film Core Size
    Approx Outside Dia (mm) Length (metres)
    CG90 77 450 1600
      153 864 6000
    Property Test Method Test Conditions Units CG
    Thickness Innovia Films Test n/a micron 90
    Yield Innovia Films Test n/a m²/kg
    Optical Gloss ASTM D 2457 45° % 100
    Haze (wide angle) ASTM D 1003 2.5° % 1.5

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    Using Our Cake Collars

    How to use them

    Cake collaring is a simple technique that has been developed by bakers over the years to ensure each layer of the cake stays in position whilst it is assembled. It is particularly useful for jam or cream-filled cakes as these gooey fillings can spill over the sides of the sponge creating a messy, careless appearance. By using a cake collar, both the sponge and fillings are bonded together with a smooth edge finish.

    At the end of 2021, independent home baking businesses rose by 157% and has been the fastest-growing trade throughout the pandemic. In order to build a great reputation and encourage repeat custom, you need to set your standards high.

    With the demand ever-increasing, you need a packaging company you can rely on. Norman Knights can help you exceed industry standards and keep your customers wanting more. We promise to always notify you of stock shortages in advance so that you can place bulk orders to help you through your busiest periods.


    Rayoart CG can be printed using traditional flexographic, gravure, silkscreen & letterpress processes. However, we can provide custom ink levels depending on the saturation required for your desired logo, images or pattern. You may also choose to enhance the quality of your cake collaring further with corona treatment.

    Premium Surface Treatment

    Corona treatment will develop the surface energy of the Rayoart CG by using an electrode system to distribute a high voltage discharge to the surface of the material. As a result, inks will bond strongly to the surface, improving the print quality for optimal performance.


    Rayoart CG consists of a balanced biaxial oriented polypropylene film which allows for high-speed conversion throughout lamination and printing. Most importantly, this feature will help prolong the life of the ink.

    Why choose Norman Knights?

    With over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist you with your packaging needs. We are confident that our extensive, high-quality stock and immaculate production methods can generate both simple and bespoke orders.

    Bulk discounts are always available and, although we are based in Essex, we guarantee fast delivery across the UK & ensure a time-efficient service is maintained at all times. We will keep in touch with you from the initial design stage until you are happy with the order you’ve received.