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Looking for high-quality film front bags to showcase your bakery or deli products in the best possible light? Look no further than Norman Knights! With decades of experience supplying businesses across the UK, our reputation for quality and reliability is unmatched in the industry.

Our film front bags feature a clear Polypropylene front and a paper back, allowing your customers to see the quality of your product at a glance. And thanks to their unique properties, our bags are perfect for holding perishable items without compromising freshness or taste.

But that’s not all – our film front bags are also designed to stay dust-free, ensuring that your products always look as good as they taste. So if you’re looking for flexible packaging that’s as reliable as it is visually appealing, get in touch with our team today.

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    Norman Knights supplies different types of film front bags for specific uses

    Here are some examples of how our different film front bag options can be utilised:

    • Standard Bags – these are ideal for small pastries and cakes
    • Printed Bags – enhanced presentation is key to improving your sales
    • Micro-perforated Bags – this feature lends itself perfectly to products which require increased airflow i.e. baguettes
    • Dimensions of our standard Film Front bags are shown in the table and we are able to custom make bags if required.

    Be More Competitive with Film Front Bags by Norman Knights

    We often turn around small bespoke runs because we believe in supporting smaller companies that operate in a niche market but still want to test their new products in a time and cost effective way. Our team is here to help you with your flexible packaging needs and if you are planning to make a large order, get in touch for a bulk discount!

    Discuss your film front bag requirements with our team by calling 01268 733722 or sending a message to sales@normanknights.com.

    Standard Dimensions

    4 x 6″
    102 x 152mm
    10 x 16″
    254 x 406mm
    5 x 7″
    127 x 178mm
    11 x 14″
    279 x 355mm
    6 x 6″
    152 x 152mm
    11 x 17″
    279 x 432mm
    7 x 7″
    178 x 178mm
    12 x 16″
    305 x 406mm
    7 x 10″
    178 x 254mm
    12 x 18″
    305 x 457mm
    8.5 x 8.5″
    216 x 216mm
    13 x 17″
    330 x 432mm
    10 x 10″
    254 x 254mm
    13 x 20″
    330 x 508mm
    10 x 12″
    254 x 305mm
    4 x 6 x 14″
    102 x 152 x 355mm

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