Wholesale Paper Lollipop Stick Suppliers

We provide superior quality paper lollipop sticks

We are wholesale lollipop stick suppliers and our pproducts are produced using a high quality, special grade white paper that is made solely from virgin pulp, to ensure it contains no recycled content. We provide superior paper sticks to the confectionery, food, pharmaceutical, novelty and health & beauty care industries, with businesses all over the UK coming to Norman Knights because of our reputation for quality products, service and reliability.

  • Over 40 Years Experience
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed
  • UK Manufacturers & Distributors

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    What can paper lollipop sticks be used for?

    Typically used for lollipop sticks, candy apple sticks, cotton swab sticks or cake-pop sticks, our products are extremely versatile. We specialise in the Confectionery, Coffee, Ethnic and Organic Food markets so you can be sure that our team understands the importance of having the highest quality packaging supplies for the best possible price. Helping you with your packaging requirements is our top priority and as our service is so diverse, we are able to work with a wide range of customers and industries.

    By manufacturing and supplying an extensive selection of flexible packaging options for small, bespoke runs we are able to give companies in niche market the opportunity to test their new products in the market and be more competitive.

    Other wholesale flexible packaging solutions supplied by Norman Knights

    As well as paper lollipop sticks and paper straws, we supply many other products including:

    • Block Bottom Bags – Ideal for gifts, chocolates and bottles containing liquids.
    • Cellophane Bags – Environmentally friendly cellophane produced using wood pulp from renewable sources.
    • Coffee Pouches – Retains coffee freshness and improves product shelf life.
    • Film Front Bags – Widely used by bakeries and delicatessens for small pastries, cakes and baguettes.
    • Kraft Box Pouches – Quad sealed to give a box shaped look after the product is packed.
    • Polypropylene Bags – These can be custom printed in up to six colours using flexographic printing.
    • Sideweld Bags – Perfect for greetings cards, envelopes and shirts.
    • Stand Up Pouches – Can hold a range of products including powders, pastes, liquids and meats.

    Call our team on 01268 733722 to find out more about our paper lollipops we supple as well as other flexible packaging options!