Wholesale Cellophane Bag Suppliers

Wholesale Cellophane Bag Suppliers

Norman Knights are proud to be one of the UK’s leading Wholesale Cellophane Bag Suppliers. We only ever use environmentally friendly cellophane that is produced using wood pulp from renewable sources in Northern Europe, keeping our service as eco-friendly as possible and protecting the planet.

Custom printing is available on our range of cellophane bags

Our fantastic range of cellophane bags are ideal for small companies or those who are packing products in low volumes and the bags that we supply are made using a folded bottom seal with side gussets; we also supply gusseted coffee bags.. Each bag can be custom printed to meet your individual requirements (subject to a minimum order) and if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to ask our friendly team of experts for advice.

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Choose from three different cellophane bag thicknesses

We use three different thickness of Cellophane film to make our bags and these are as follows; 365XS (25 microns), 440XS (30 microns) and 600XS (40 microns). See the table we have created that shows the standard sizes of bags, along with the grade of film used to produce them, which we supply. If you require a size that is not shown, this is not an issue as we are able to custom make cellophane bags to your own specification, subject to a minimum order, just let us know what you need.

Norman Knights have over 40 years of experience manufacturing and supplying cellophane bags

Clients are guaranteed outstanding service and a range of high quality products to choose from that are certain to meet their requirements. Our competitive prices and commitment to helping businesses with their packaging needs has earned us a positive reputation for our reliability.

Our team is on hand to help with your order, get in touch with the leading Wholesale Cellophane Bag Suppliers on 01268 733722 or email sales@normanknights.com and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements

Film Grade
3 x 5″
75 x 125mm
4 x 6″
100 x 150mm
3 X 3.75 X 7
75 X 95 X 178
3 X 4.5 X 5
75 X 114 X 125
3 X 4.5 X 7
75 X 114 X 178
3 X 4.5 X 8
75 X 114 X 203
3 X 5 X 9
75 X 125 X 228
3 X 5 X 10
75 X 125 X 254
3.5 X 6 X 11
89 X 152 X 280
3.5 X 6 X 13
89 X 152 X 330
4.75 X 7 X 10
120 X 178 X 254
4.75 X 7 X 12
120 X 178 X 305
6 X 8 X 12
152 X 203 X 305
6 X 8 X 14
152 X 203 X 355
6 X 8 X 16
152 X 203 X 406

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